Fundraising Skills

Online training, with consultancy built in Student login

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the online course delivered?

Fundraising Skills courses offer you flexible online study with access to a tutor and fundraising expert and recommended (optional) coursework which is assessed by our team. You will be given your tutors name and contact details together with a password and login to a secure course website. Each course contains coursework, research tasks and a personal blog.

How does the course differ to other training available?

The online course is practical and offers you tutor support. You'll produce fundraising literature for your organisation and submit coursework (often a draft funding bid) before receiving detailed feedback from our team. We view our courses as a combination of training and consultancy!

How do I communicate with my tutor?

Communication is via email and live chat, you're able to contact your tutor by email any time. Tutor feedback has been valued highly by past students.

Do courses have a start and finish date?

No, Fundraising Skills approach allows you to choose what time of day to study. We have had students complete courses in one day. We employ experienced tutors to assess your work.

Do you have to study at certain times during the day?

No, we keep the courses as flexible as possible. This flexibility allows you to study at a time that suits you. You can participate whenever it is convenient for you: evening, lunch-time, weekends.

Do I receive a copy of course materials?

Course materials are PDF documents. All materials can be downloaded as PDF's and video from the course website. You will be sent a permanent link to materials for your future use.

We encourage you to ask questions you would like addressed.

Is there an exam?

No, you will be given the option to complete coursework based on the material that you've been studying.

Do I get anything to confirm I have passed?

All courses lead to a Certificate of Completion issued by Fundraising Skills upon successful completion of coursework.

Do I have to attend a venue at any point?

No, all our courses are 100% online.

Do I have to be an experienced fundraiser to do your courses?

No. We teach a lot of people who wish to enter the charity sector and start their fundraising career. You don't need to belong to a charity to study with us as we provide set scenarios for anyone who is not yet working in a fundraising position.

I live outside the UK, am I still able to enrol on your courses?

Yes, we welcome students from all over the world as skills taught on funding research, preparation and planning of applications and funding strategy teach universal good practice.

I need to cancel my course / I can't continue.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions should you wish to cancel or defer. Alternatively, contact our office 0191 276 4955.

Course Fees & Payment

Is VAT added to the course fee?

No, all our courses are VAT exempt.

How can I pay for my course?

You can request an invoice, full payment must be made before the course start date. If you prefer, payment can be made by card at the time you enrol. We accept payment by BACS /credit or debit card/paypal/cheque.

Can I pay in instalments?

You can pay in instalments as long as the course is paid in full before the course start date - please phone our office 0191 276 4955 if you wish to set up an instalment plan.

Are there any additional costs to the course fee?

There are no additional costs unless you choose to pay by Debit or Credit card, a 1.40% fee will be charged, this is the fee charged by our Merchants.

Technical Stuff

What equipment do I need?

A PC or laptop with internet connection and adobe reader free software.

I use a MAC is all the material compatible?

Yes, though we advise users of MAC to install and use Google Chrome.

What happens if I can't log on to the site?

Email or call our office 0191 276 4955 to assist you with login or email